Omkareshwar temple in pune

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Omkareshwar temple in pune

Omkareshwar Temple is located at Shanivar Peth on the banks of Mutha River in Pune.It is one of the ancient Hindu shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. ‘Omkareshwar’ is another name of Lord Shiva.It was built in 18th century during the reign of Peshwas by Shivram Bhat,who was the spiritual guru of the Peshwas. 

According to the mythical story, the guru once got one ‘golden egg’ and went to the Peshwa. The kind and wise Peshwa returned it saying, this wealth belongs to the guru who has found it. In bewilderment he asked the Peshwa, what his heart desires in lieu of this ‘golden egg’. The Peshwa then requested him to build a him a temple instead. 

It is believed that Omkareshwar temple in Puneis built with the donations provided by ChimajiAppa, the commander of Maratha Empire and brother of Bajirao Peshwa.He visited the temple regularly before his heavenly journey. The samadhi of ChimajiAppa is established in the temple. 

As an example of classic architectural masterpiece, the temple premise reminds the golden era of Peshwai rule. The outer walls of the temple are made from black stone, which bestows an exclusive thermal effect that keeps the inner walls cool in summer and warm in chilling weather.The huge dome, artistic carvings, spacious gallery, massive columns- shaped according to geometric figures such as circles, polygons and squares, amuses the devotees with its exquisiteness.The outer wall of the dome is made up of soft white soap stone that was carved to create ‘Nagara styled Shikhar’, with five distinct layers and the idols of Hindu deities such as Ganesha, Dattaguru, Makardhwaj, Vyaas and KeertiMukhaengraved in it. 

The Nandi Mandap at the entrance on the vast courtyard bestows a giant and sturdy Nandi idol. Nandi Maharaj is believed to be the companion of Lord Shiva and is always present in front of the ‘Shivling’.As you move ahead, there comes the main ‘Garbhagriha’, which is blessed with the presence of a holy ‘Jyotirling’, which is a form of ‘Shivling’. In between the ‘Nandi Mandap’ and ‘Garbhagriha’ there lies an ‘Agnikunda’, which is a ritualistic fireplace. The temple premise is also adorned with small holy shrines of other deities such as Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Bhavani, Hanuman and Sani Maharaj. 

The strong foundation of Omkareshwar Temple endured the devastating Panshet flood in the year 1962. Locals believe that it was Lord Omkareshwar who saved the area from the torrent.Omkareshwar has been showering his blessings on the devotees for centuries. The whole place has a very calm atmosphere, where devotees can worship peacefully.There are three main festivals – Mahashivratri, ShravaniSomvar, and TripurariPournima celebrated with grandeur at Omkareshwar Temple. 

It is a must visit place in Pune, which offers a feeling of ultimate divinity and purity along with holy blessings from Omkareshwar. Alongside, it also provides an incredible opportunity to witness the splendour and royalty of Peshwai era architecture.

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