Procedure and health benefit of Volleyball

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Procedure and health benefit of Volleyball

Volley ball originated in United States and is more than hundred years old. It is an extremely popular sport in United States and has gained popularity in various other parts of the world. Approximate that 46 million Americans play volleyball and there are around 800 million players of volleyball worldwide. Volleyballs game played by two teams, generally a six players on a side. It was invented in the year 1895 by William G Morgan, through to mix the elements of baseball,basketball,tennis and handball into one game. He was thus created a game called mintonette, which was later called volleyball.

The first game of volleyball was played in the year 1896.Earlier; a basket ball was used for playing volleyball. In the year 1990, a special ball was now weights sports. The volleyball weight between 8 to 10 ounces and the ball pressures is between 4.5 to 6 pounds. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors on a rectangular court. The field is divided into two equal half-court.the field is divided into two equal half-courts.the rules of volleyball are fairly simple. There are six players in each side. Server of the ball should always serve from a line on the court called the restraining line or the end line. It is necessary that the ball is clearly visible to opponents before the serve. The ball may be served overhand or underhand. The served ball may graze the net and fall to the other side of a point. The maximum hits allowed per side are three. A single player can not hit the ball twice in succession. If so, it considers being foul. The ball played off the net throughout a volley and on serve. An acceptable hit is contact with the ball by a player body above and together with the waist, which does not permit the ball to perceptibly come to a rest. If two or more players contact the ball coincidently, it is considered one play and the players concerned may not partake in the next play. A player must not attack a serve. Switching position will be allowed only between front line players and that also after the serve.

The scoring of the game is really easy and scoring is used in volleyball. The game of volleyball is played between 26 points. And Point scored on every score of the ball. Score will count on a defense miss or out of bounds hit.


Benefits of Volleyball:

• It burns calories:45 mints of volleyball burns 585 calories
• Improve muscular system: playing volleyball improve your muscles and strengthen and tone your body

Other Additional benefits of Volleyball:

Other benefits of volleyball increase your strength and metabolic rate also it enhance energy level which improve your overall performance of body.

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